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Tile & Grout Cleaning
Tile and grout are notoriously difficult to clean. Every homeowner (and business owner!) knows that regular mopping, home tile cleaners and home grout cleaning methods just don't do the trick, especially if you're trying to eliminate stubborn dirt that has settled on tile surfaces or deep into grout lines. Call Pro Floor Restore, and we'll come to the rescue!  Our professional Tile Cleaning and Grout Cleaning process will keep your tile surfaces, grout lines and counter tops clean and fresh. We can boldly go where bottled cleaners and household mops have never gone before! What makes tile cleaning and grout cleaning so difficult? Dirt and contaminants build up over time, making your tiles look dull, and causing grout to darken and appear discolored. Home cleaning methods simply can't get at the built-up, ground-in dirt that has settled in hard-to-reach places. Dirt trapped in the pores of tile and grout is especially difficult to remove with traditional cleaning solutions. Thankfully, Pro Floor Restore’s powerful truck-mounted cleaning system safely cleans floors, showers, and counter tops by quickly removing dirt and contaminants. Our Tile Cleaning and Grout Cleaning process uses heat, a specialized cleaning solution, and vacuum power to remove the dirt that homeowners can't. We complete the job with a high-pressure rinse.After cleaning your tile and grout, our professional technicians can apply a penetrating sealer to protect grout against mildew and staining for up to two years. Basic Grout Cleaning isn't the only service we provide. If you have colored grout in your kitchen or bathroom or between other tile surfaces, our special Grout Color Sealer process will protect it.
Water Restoration
Water damage—it happens when you’re least expecting it. When it occurs, you obviously want to minimize the damage by acting as quickly as possible.  When emergency water damage strikes, you need expert help. Pro Floor Restore water removal-trained technicians are on call 24/7. They arrive on the scene with powerful, state-of-the-art equipment that extracts the water from your property. Pro Floor Restore water removal specialists are IICRC Certified, the most widely recognized and accepted certification program in the industry. In addition to certification, our technicians attend IICRC-accredited continuing education and training programs throughout the year. Why trust the process to anyone else?  Call Pro Floor Restore!

Carpet Cleaning
It’s easy to think that the only reason you need your carpet clean is so it looks nice, right? That is certainly one reason to schedule regular carpet cleaning; however, it’s important to remember that carpet cleaning is also an investment in your health. Carpets, whether in your home or in your office, can quickly collect dirt, bacteria, dust mites and allergens. Though not always visible on the surface, these contaminants can actually pollute the air quality that you breathe every day. Carpets that often appear clean may, in fact, be much dirtier than you think! Think of your carpet as a type of air filter in your home. When things like dust, dirt, bacteria and dust mites collect on your carpet, in time you will start to breathe in that buildup. Merely using household carpet cleaners to remove dirt and spills is not enough to ensure the air you’re breathing is as clean as possible. By investing in services like Pro Floor Restore carpet cleaning, you can rest assured that our commercial grade, advanced equipment will give your carpets the deepest and most thorough wash possible. Hot water extraction cleaning, known as "steam cleaning," is the most popular method. This kind of cleaning doesn't actually use steam but instead uses high pressure to push very hot water, along with a cleaning solution, into carpet. The resulting moisture is then removed via suction. This is the method recommended by most carpet manufacturers for deep cleaning and is often required of homeowners to keep the warranty on their flooring valid.
Furniture Cleaning
It all begins with an on-site analysis of your furniture to determine the appropriate technique—especially for any problem areas. Then we use our specially formulated furniture cleaning solutions to powerfully but safely clean your furniture. Our experts at Pro Floor Restore ensure that everything is done right—without damaging the fabric.

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